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Postpartum is Not Depression

This transition into motherhood marks a major change in your nutrition needs, sleep patterns, and hormone balance. What we know as common sense in postpartum has women feeling awful for years. But it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way.

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Your ability to digest certain foods (like salads and smoothies) is greatly reduced, which is why supplements and diets such as Paleo often don’t work (and sometimes makes you feel worse).

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Getting better sleep goes beyond “sleep when baby sleeps”, and certainly doesn’t mean you must sleep train your little one in order to get the deep sleep you so deserve.

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Your hormones often become out of balance due to trauma, nutrient deficiencies, exhaustion, and lack of support. This means, with the right information and tools, you can control a great deal of it.

Meet Maranda Bower

Postpartum Bliss Coach and Womb Whisperer for women who want to live life after childbirth with balanced hormones, better sleep, and an amazingly nourished body.

Postpartum depression, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases have become an epidemic. If you want a joyful and healthy life with your baby, you need the right information and strategy that works specifically with your needs in postpartum.

No matter if you’re preparing in pregnancy or three years post-birth, it’s never too late to heal deeply.


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Work with Maranda Bower and Get:

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Get complete clarity on where your body is nutritionally based on your symptoms and get a personalized nutrient dense meal plan and supplement guide (including recipes and techniques to make life easier in the kitchen) from a certified Pre and Postnatal Nutrition Coach that the entire family will love and benefit from.

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Create the perfect sleep schedule that maximizes your deep sleep, even with a constantly waking baby. You also get REAL strategies that support your little one in sleeping longer and deeper.

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Heal your hormones by addressing specific imbalances, difficult emotions, and trauma. Get tools for managing, coping, and healing from major imbalances, including those with depression and/or anxiety.

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