If you're ready to heal your body naturally in the years after childbirth,

you've come to the right place!

Don’t fall for the mainstream bullshit that life after birth has to be depressive. Instead, experience what it truly means to enjoy this sacred transition into motherhood with practical tools that no one is talking about.

No matter where you are in your journey through motherhood (my average client is 2-3 years post-birth), it’s never too late to dive into my proven and revolutionary methods that deeply nourish, awaken, and flourish modern women in postpartum and beyond.

How did I get here?

After the birth of my first son over a decade ago, I fell into the depths of postpartum depression and anxiety. As a biology student and thorough researcher, I had thought I prepared for everything. It turns out, I forgot about postpartum and how to heal my own body.

I nearly lost my son.

My depression was debilitating. I lost my partner. I was forced to move back in with my parents. I felt unable to physically breathe. I literally thought I was dying. My depression and anxiety almost took away everything I had, including my sweet son.

Maranda Bower Postpartum Bliss Coach with baby colorful rainbow bead necklace

I wanted answers. WHY did this happen? Why do so many women experience mental health disorders in postpartum?

And this is where my journey as a Postpartum Bliss Coach began.

Unfortunately, my struggles didn’t end there. Now as a mother of 4, I’ve not only experienced postpartum depression and anxiety, but also postpartum rage, postpartum bi-polar, and developed ulcerative colitis, an extremely painful and dangerous autoimmune disease.

It was then that all my years of education, research, and community outreach came together. By the time I had my fourth baby, I had healed my body deeply. No more autoimmune disease or mental health challenges. No more hiding on the floor of my closet sobbing. No more visits to the bathroom where I curled on the floor moaning in agony. No more watching my family suffer because of ill health.

Having a blissful postpartum not only gave me whole body healing, it also allowed me to live fully aligned within my powerful intuition.

The title Postpartum Bliss Coach is an umbrella name that includes 10 years of my research, education, and experience


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Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements around the world, including Universities, Birth/Postpartum Conferences, podcasts and radio shows.

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Board Member

Served as a board member to multiple birth support outreach organizations, both locally and nationally.

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Certified Pre and Postnatal Nutrition Coach. Held multiple certifications in childbirth education from both the International Childbirth Education Association and Informed Beginnings.

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Author of 3 bestselling books: Supported in Birth, Supported in Breastfeeding, Supported in Postpartum.

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Creator of the Postpartum Nutrition Plan designed specifically in using food to support postpartum hormone balance

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Education Programs

Developed educational programs and doula certifying agencies still used in mainstream teachings today.

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Facilitated countless pregnancy, postpartum and women’s retreats, as well as women’s circles, Red Tent Events, and more.

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Certified Birthing

Certified Birthing From Within Birth Art Facilitator.

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Business Mentor

Business Mentor for maternal professionals wanting to include postpartum health and wellness into their work and programs.

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1 : 1

Worked with hundreds of women around the world in deeply healing their body in the years after childbirth.


* Postpartum Mental Health challenges are NOT normal.

* Postpartum women are at a 30% increased risk for developing an autoimmune disease.

* Postpartum is not the first 6 weeks but generally the first 6 years.

* Postpartum depression and anxiety does negatively affect your children (increasing their risk of ADHD and sensory processing disorders), your partner (significantly higher risk of divorce in the first year postpartum), and your life.

* There are multiple avenues of healing.

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My 3 Pillar Approach to Healing


My approach to working with women in the years postpartum is as unique as it gets. Using my research, education, and intuitive skills, I support women in healing their body with nutrition, better sleep, and hormone balance.

These 3 components work synergetically to bring about big transformations in the way women are feeling. Read my Success Stories here.


So if you are a mama who’s in the initial years of motherhood, and you are experiencing hormone imbalance, major hair loss, period pain, constant headaches, autoimmune symptoms… you’ve come to the right place!

You can follow me on social media where I post amazing articles and important information. You can also check out my blog, and learn about working with me in my private program.


If you are a professional (or want to be) in the field of postpartum, I also have a mentorship program just for you!

Welcome, mama.