“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.” – Ina May Gaskin

For Mothers who are ready to stop surviving and experience true, transformative healing, once and for all.

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It seems that society has forgotten how to support women as they transition through motherhood.

What used to work in times past; community, nourishing foods, and making certain a women’s recovery and rest were a priority is now replaced with manufactured food and products, lack of support, and a call to return to work as soon as you possibly can.

The result is…

  • 1 in 4 women experiencing postpartum depression and rage.

  • Women in the 6 years after childbirth are 30% more likely to develop autoimmune disorders.

  • Marriages in shambles, barely holding on by a thread.

  • Medicated mothers who feel like they can’t control themselves.

  • Households filled with yelling, guilt, and an absence of joy.

Ultimately resulting in mothers who have lost their passion, question their purpose, and feel completely hidden from themselves.

What’s happening here is NOT working.

The word is out,


“… I had no idea I was so depleted, Maranda. 4 weeks of following your plan (and I admit, even cheating once in a while) and I feel like a different person. For the first time in TWO YEARS I haven’t had a migraine with my period. And my emotional lows aren’t here anymore…” – Danielle

Danielle Sacred Transformation Course
Rebecca Sacred Transformation Course

“… 3 weeks in, Maranda, and my energy levels are through the roof!” – Rebecca

Motherhood has gifted you an opportunity for you to heal yourself on the deepest of levels. Now is your time to shed the weight of the world so you can emerge more connected, more present, and more true to yourself.

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“I have been following the Sacred Transformation Course for 2 weeks now and my husband has even mentioned that he sees a difference in me. My mood swings are so much less already!” – Eleonore

Eleonore Sacred Transformation Course

Revolutionize your recovery in the Sacred Transformation eCourse.

The Details:

This program is a mix of science, sacred, and spirituality.

The truth is, your body is an intuitive energy that is letting you know that NOW is your time to recover completely.

Backed with 20 years of scientifically proven data, previously unshared by the medical community, healing theories of indigenous cultures, and transformative modalities…

That involve herbs & nutrition, the arts, the Chakras, and your personal truth…

Sacred Transformation is the answer to your body’s deepest desire to heal and actually feel GOOD.

Sacred Transformation Course

5 months worth of scientifically backed modules so you can learn how the post-baby body functions physiologically so that you can address the ROOT of your symptoms and recover naturally.

Proprietary Womb Wisdom™ Guide work to support hormone balance and clear and recover your womb space so you can step into your purpose.

Healing Modalities in an easy to follow video and PDF resource guide; specific to where you are in your journey.

Access to the world renowned Postpartum Nutrition Plan with weeks worth of healthy gluten-free dairy-free meals, snacks, recipes, supplement guide, freezer meal instructions, and more.

Exclusive Community of like-minded mothers that offer support, encouragement, live healing sessions, and so much more.

Plus, these incredible bonuses…

The Book of Natural Healing: Course and eBook on herbs, oils, and body recipes specific for women in the years after childbirth.

Healing from Birth Trauma Course using art, journaling, and psychology to rewrite your birth experience to one that feels empowering.

…includes lifetime access, bonus speakers, and consistently updated information.

Pay in full ($1297) or Pay in 5 monthly payments!

The Sacred Transformation eCourse is not merely another course. It’s a transformative experience that gives you REAL actionable tools to transform your health and well-being through nutrition, hormone balance, and deep healing.

The Modules:

Aligning: Addressing mindset + goals at the subconscious level and creating space for healing.

Nourishing: Replenishing and revitalizing the body after months and years of depletion using whole foods and herbs specific for the years after birth.

Centering: Exploring emotions + hormones, their significance to your journey into motherhood, and how you have far more control than you’ve been led to believe (I’ll show you how).

Awakening:  Understanding the power + changes of the brain after baby, honing into your feminine power, and developing your intuition.

Strengthening: Using physiological science to support you in regaining strength, caring for your body, exercise routines, and pelvic floor care.

Becoming: Finding your soul purpose + expressing your truest self with love and vibrancy, and loving your new normal and a new you.

BONUS: The Book of Natural Healing: Course and eBook on Herbs, Oils, and Body Recipes

BONUS: Healing from Birth Trauma Course

If you are in the first six years after childbirth… then you need to know that NOW is the most powerful time for you to improve your life and restore your mind, body, and hormones.

Your portal for true transformative healing is at its peak.

And the opportunity for you to step into your unlimited potential is in this moment.

Your beautiful healing awaits in Sacred Transformation…

Maranda Bower Postpartum Bliss Coach

Are you ready for your Sacred Transformation?

Hey, I’m Maranda Bower. Womb Whisperer and Postpartum Bliss Coach who’s supporting women in experiencing deep authentic healing, while getting rid of postpartum depression and anxiety.

As a bestselling author and international speaker, I’ve worked with thousands of mothers, awakening them into the joyful and fulfilling Sacred Window that is postpartum.

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